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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele
Bm 17 0 Black moth Gene affecting pigmentation of Imago (black).Spontaneous;scales on body and wings of moth black. See also mm.
bp 11 42.5 balck pupa Gene affecting pupal cuticle color.Spontaneous;pupal skin tinged black, depending on temperature during several hours before pupation; becomes deep-black when kept at 20°C through active secretion of proteinous BP-hormone, but tinted normal amber color if kept at 30°C due to absence of the hormone. See also so.
bpw 13 black-striped pupal wing Gene affecting melanization of pupal wings, temperatuer sensitive.Spontaneous;temperature sensitive, narrow black stripes appear on wings of pupa depending on temperature during two days of prepupation stage, after the end of spinning to the completion of larval-pupal ecdysis; becomes black-striped when kept under 20°C but fails to manifest stripes above 23°C.
cf 13 20.9 crayfish Gene affecting wing formation XXXX adult development.Spontaneous;wing buds inflated with lymph and protrude laterally from body producing chela-like appearance of crayfish; swollen wing buds fragile and liable to bleed.
cf-e 4 0 crayfish of Eguchi Gene affecting wing formation XXXX adult development.Spontaneous;like cf ; wings of pupa swollen and protrude laterally from the body.
cl 21 ? chela Gene affecting wing formation.Spontaneous; wing buds inflated with lymph and protrude laterally from body like cf; penetrance low; swollen pupal wings fragile and liable to bleed.
Cw Curled wing Gene for formation of anterior wing.Spontaneous;forewings curled at margin; dominance incomplete.
eph 25 ? Spontaneous;life span of adult moth short.
fl 10 13 wingless Spontaneous;wings absent in pupae and moths; often die of bleeding from the uncovered border area between thorax and abdomen:flk(k無翅, k-wingless) and fln(n無翅) similar. flk , fln
gap 5 ? apterous and rudimentary gonads Spontaneous;pupae lack wings, thorax extremely narrow and slender; difficult in larval-pupal and pupal-adult ecdysis at head and thorax, ovaries undeveloped and sterile; larval growth tend to be retarded; locates in vicinity of oc. See also gon.
lu 16 0 lustrous Spontaneous;compound eye have a luster, reflecting light on eye surfaces; arrangement of facets somehow irregular.
mp 11 54 micropterous Spontaneous;wings about 80% of normal in size.
mw 22 28.5 minute wing Spontaneous;wings of pupae and moths extremely small, like mp but wings shorter.
nlw ? non lepis wings Spontaneous;wings of moth transparent look like oil-immersed paper, no scales on the wing.
rw 1 22.8 rudimentary wing Spontaneous;wings poorly develop to variable degrees.
so 26 0 sooty Spontaneous;body smoky in larva and in moth but less conspicuous; pupal case black especially at ventral tip of abdomen, insensitive to temperature. See also hp.
tyw 24 tiny wing Spontaneous;wings poorly developed in variable degree.
ve 6 32.2 varnished eye Spontaneous;imaginal compound eye extremely lustrous more extremely than lu and small in size; facets distribute sparsely like small pimples.
Vg 1 38.7 Vestigial
wb 5 35.8 white-banded black wing Spontaneous;wings dark brown at outer margin and proximal part, leaving a wide white band, body white.
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