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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele
C 12 7.2 Outer-layer yellow cocoon ( Golden yellow) Gene affecting yellow cocoon in combination with Y gene.Spontaneous;in combination with Y(2-25.6), cocoon golden yellow on the outside, inside white. CD , CI , CSt
cru 25 ? ruffled cocoon Gene affecting feature of cocoon surface.Spontaneous;cocoon surface rough and uneven.
F 6 34.7 Flesh Spontaneous;in combination with Y and +C or CI, produces a yellowish-flesh color on the outer layer of cocoon.
Fl 7 32.1 Flossy Spontaneous;cocoons are large and elliptic in shape with loosely composed shell; on flat surface larvae spin silk thread evenly in wide range to yield a uniform and high quality Sankenshi (raw-silk sheet). See also San.
flc 3 49 flimsy cocoon Spontaneous;cocoon shell very thin, large amount of fibroin granules retained in the glandular cells.
Ga Green a Spontaneous;cocoon light green in combination with Gb.
Gb 7 7 Green b Spontaneous;cocoon light green when combined with Ga or with Yf (locus unknown for both).
Gc 15 ? Green c Spontaneous;cocoon light green.
ha perforated a Spontaneous;one end of cocoon elongated and open at tip: acts cumulatively with Hb and Hc.
Hb Perforated b Spontaneous;polymeric to ha.
Hc Perforated c Spontaneous;polymeric to ha.
Ign-1 6 28.6 Inhibited green 1 Spontaneous;inhibits pci-meabilities of two kinds of yellowish brown fluorescent pigments through middle division of silkgland.
Nd 25 0 Naked pupa Spontaneous;cocoon layers fragile containing only sericin but no fibroin, frequently pupate without forming cocoon, fibroin H chain poorly synthesized; NdH(橋本裸蛹, Naked pupa of Hasimoto) similar. See also Fib-H. NdH
Nd-s 14 19.2 Sericin cocoon Spontaneous;like Nd, cocoon filament contains only sericin; fibroin L chain not synthesized: Nd-sD (Sericin cocoon-D) induced by DES, similar. See also Fib-L. Nd-sD
Pk 2 ? Pink cocoon Spontaneous;cocoon pink on outside; coexistence with Y, +C(or CI) and F needed for manifestation.
Rc 2 34.8 Rusty Spontaneous;combined with Y, outer layer of cocoon yellowish brown.
San 20 ? Sankenshi Spontaneous;on flat-spinning, no reduction in synthesis and secretion of silk proteins. See also Fl.
Sc Soft cocoon Spontaneous;cocoon layers loose in texture.
Yf Yellow fluorescent Spontaneous;under UV light cocoon shell shows a yellow fluorescence.
Yr 6 39.8 Yellowish brown Spontaneous;cocoon color yellowish brown.
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