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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele
b-2 6 29.1 brown egg 2 Gene affecting egg color. Maternale inheritance.Spontaneous;serosa cells pigmented light brown, maternal inheritance in F1 egg color but ordinary inheritance in F2;transmission of 3-hydroxykynurenine from hemolymph to the ovum is somehow prevented, and enzyme action in serosa cells is too weak to convert it into pigments: Typical maternal inheritance in egg color of b-2na (maternal brown of Nagashima) . b-2na , b-2S , b-n
b-4 20 21.9 brown egg 4 Gene affecting egg color and compound eye of Imago.Spontaneous;serosa cells reddish brown, compound eye reddish dark brown. ci
b-t 13 3.6 maternal brown of Tsujita Gene affecting egg's color and compound eye's color of Imago.Spontaneous;serosa cells light brown showing typical maternal inheritance like b-2na; compound eyes black. b-t2
Dp 10 24.1 Dilute purple Gene affecting color of serosa cells.Spontaneous; pigments in serosa cells light-purple. Compound eye colored black.
Dp-2 10 25.5 Dilute purple 2 Gene affecting color of serosa cells.Spontaneous; like Dp, located separately on same chromosome. ( old name, Dp' )
elp 18 9.9 ellipsoid egg Spontaneous;egg shape ellipsoidal: elpm(眉蚕長形卵,ellipsoid-egg of Mayuko)similar. elpm
elp-2 ellipsoid egg 2 Spontaneous;egg shape long and elliptic.
emi 12 9.5 miniature egg Spontaneous;egg size small like sm and sm-2, but fertile and viable though variable in degrees.
Esd W ? egg size determinant Spontaneous;presence of a morphological gene, egg size determinant, is demonstrated first by comparison of the egg size of triploid female of ZWW and ZZW with diploid ZW, Ge on the Z chromosome is supposed to be a translocation of this gene.
eus 7 ? Spontaneous;egg size smaller than usual, fertility and viability of embryos good.
Fc Ferric chloride positive Spontaneous;egg shell is dyed with FeCl2.
Ge 1 14 Giant egg Spontaneous;length and width of egg 1.26 and 1.11 times of the normal egg, respectively, hatched larvae bigger and heavier; hatchability reduced: Ge2 allele larger egg size. Might be translocation of Esd on the W chromosome. Ge2
Gr 2 9.9 Gray egg Spontaneous;egg shape ellipsoidal; chorion translucent and colorless in eggs laid by homozygous mother moth, opaque and milky white in heterozygote’s eggs: Spontaneous alleles as Gr16(欧16灰色卵, E-16 gray), GrB(鳥眼卵,Bird’s eyed gray), Grcol(潰れ卵,collapsing), Grk(桂灰色卵, Kei's gray); Xray induced alleles as GrL(淡灰色卵, Light gray), GrX-1(X線誘発灰色卵, Gray egg X-1), GrX-2(第2X線誘発灰色卵, Gray egg X-2). Gr16 , GrB , Grcol , Grk , GrL , GrX-1 , GrX-2
Gre 1 46.4 Green egg shell Spontaneous;egg shell tinged yellowish green.
H ? ? Hibernating Spontaneous;controlling voltinism to diapause; H-1, H-2 and H-3 autosomal alleles, H-s sex-linked(H-sm to multivoltine). H-1 , H-2 , H-3
ip 10 36.1 inhibited purple
ki 6 29.7 kidney Spontaneous;egg kidney-or bean-shaped, embryo within it develops only ectodermal organs such as skin, mouth parts, bristles, etc., but no mesodermal ones differentiated, and dies irrespective of  its own genotype is ki/ki or ki/+:kic (筑紫腎臓形卵, kidney of Chikushi) and kit(玉沢腎臓形卵, kidney of Tamazawa, induced by low temperature)similar. kic , kit
ki-2 19 ? kidney2 Spontaneous;egg shape like ki, number of eggs reduced, fertility low, mostly die as embryo.
l-10 11 33.4 lethal 10
l-11 11 27 lethal11 Spontaneous;homozygotes die as embryos.
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