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Genes : w-3

Symbol w-3
Character egg colour
Chr.No 10
Map 19.6
Name white egg 3
Explanation Spontaneous;serosa cells light yellowish brown, larval skin weakly translucent, compound eye black: Alleles causing white egg and translucent larval skin to various degrees depending on the uric acid contents in hypodermis: w-3b(第3褐卵, brown egg 3; cancells maternal inheritance of w-1): w-3ml(メラミン誘発白卵油, melamine induced oily and white egg): w-3oe(白卵油, white-egg translucent; not only eggs but also compound eyes white, larvae highly translucent): w-3ol(青熟白卵油, aojuku white-egg translucent, like w-3oe), and so on: Interaction between non-allelic translucent genes varies, uric acid contents in epidermis are 1:w-3 > od > od w-3 > w-3oe > od w-3oe, 2:w-3 > oa > w-3oe > oa w-3 > oa w-3oe, 3:w-3 > os > os w-3 = os w-3oe >w-3oe.
Allele w-3106, w-3b, w-3k, w-3m, w-3ml, w-3oe, w-3ol, w-3ox
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Reference 鈴木[11-125] ,蚕試報
Related strains e01, e09
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