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Genes : L

Symbol L
Character marking, colour
Chr.No 4
Map 15.3
Name Multilunar
Explanation Spontaneous;a pair of large yellowish brown spots on dorsal side of each segment, mostly from fifth to eighth segments: Markings of LC(菱の実褐円, Caltroptype multilunar) similar to those of L until fourth instar then changing to a caltrop-shaped pattern in fifth instar, homo-lethal: LCa(棘形褐円, Brown-spotted caltrop) similar to LC: Dominance LCa > LC > L.
Allele LC, LCa, LD
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Reference 田中・松野[1-266] ,九大農雑
Related strains b84, f33, g01, g02, g04, m44, n92, t43, w04, w30, w32, o05
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