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Genes : Gr

Symbol Gr
Character chorion colour
Chr.No 2
Map 9.9
Name Gray egg
Explanation Spontaneous;egg shape ellipsoidal; chorion translucent and colorless in eggs laid by homozygous mother moth, opaque and milky white in heterozygote’s eggs: Spontaneous alleles as Gr16(欧16灰色卵, E-16 gray), GrB(鳥眼卵,Bird’s eyed gray), Grcol(潰れ卵,collapsing), Grk(桂灰色卵, Kei's gray); Xray induced alleles as GrL(淡灰色卵, Light gray), GrX-1(X線誘発灰色卵, Gray egg X-1), GrX-2(第2X線誘発灰色卵, Gray egg X-2).
Allele Gr16, GrB, Grcol, Grk, GrL, GrX-1, GrX-2
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Reference 田中[367-92] ,蚕業新報
Related strains d01, d011, d02, d07, d09
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