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About Wild Local Varieties

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

This project deals with the cultivars of Asian cultivated rice species, O. sativa, and together with the strains of two wild rice relatives, O. rufipogon and O. nivara. For O. sativa, 3200 cultivars in total will be supplied for scientific purpose with their seed and a set of data including DNA markers as well as the photographs of their grains. The cultivars are classified into indica and japonica. Molecular markers used in this project may be utilized for the classification.

For the wild rice species, the project pays special attention to the genetic structure of the population. In total 1400 strains will be supplied. They are actually consisting of a limited number of samples collected from large populations. In particular, high outcrossing rate is often observed in O. rufipogon, thus they are highly heterozygous. Therefore, in some cases of O. rufipogon, we are planning to provide vegetative clone or total DNA's extracted from the original plant instead of seed material, in future.