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List of Wild Core Collection

Preservation Form [ S: Selfing, V: Vegetatively ]
Seed Stock Volume [ +++: Over 1000, ++: 100-1000, +: Not more than 100, -: 0-10 ]
Users except Japan can not request any plant body resources.
The quantity per strain for distribution is five grains of seed and/or 1μg of DNA. The DNA was extracted by CTAB method, and the concentration of DNA solution is 100ng/μgl in TE buffer in general.
Please contact us if you wish to request for other form of strains: other than seed, plant body and DNA.
Here is the procedure of strain distribution.
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Acc. No. Species Genome SINE code Country of origin Preservation
Seed stock
Plant Body
W0005 O. granulata GG Ceylon S,V ++ Not available
W0016 O. minuta BBCC Unknown S,V +++
W0018 O. alta CCDD Paraguay S,V +++
W0019 O. latifolia CCDD Cuba S,V +++ Not available Not available Not available
W0563 O. ridleyi HHJJ Malaya (Malaysia) S - Not available Not available Not available
W0615 O. granulata GG Burma S,V +
W0630 O. rufipogon AA AA110000 Burma S +++
Not available
W0643 O. longistaminata AA AA100001 Gambia S,V - Not available
W0656 O. brachyantha FF Guinea S +
Not available
W0698 O. barthii AA AA101000 Guinea S +++
Not available
W0708 O. longistaminata AA AA100001 Guinea S,V - Not available
W0720 O. barthii AA AA101000