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Detail of Wild Core Collection

Basic information
Acc. No. W1215 , Collected No. 101
Core collection rank 2
Biological information
Species O. longiglumis
Genome HHJJ
Remarks Perennial
Evaluation of bacterial blight resistance reaction
( Results List )
bacterial leaf blight T7174(Reaction)
bacterial leaf blight T7133 (Reaction)
DNA Marker DNA Marker data
DRA Acc. No. DRA004507
Anther length(mm) 2
Apiculus color Green
Awn length(mm) 11.2
Grain weight of 20 0.1
Heading date 2001/8/6
Hull color Black
Panicle length 20.2
Panicle type 2
Pericarp color Red
Plant height 63
Presence or absence of awn Presence
Seed fertility 2.1
Shedding degree index 1
Stigma color Purple
Stem No. 28
Fiscal year 2001
Phenotype image
Original place Opeco, Koembe, Dutch New Guinea (Indonesia)
Acquired from T.C. Katayama
Year acquired(*Year registered) * 1961/3/31
Preservation form SELFING
Seed stock volume less than 100
Year multiplied 1 1971
Year multiplied 2 1973
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Yamaki S, Ohyanagi H, Yamasaki M, Eiguchi M, Miyabayashi T, Kubo T, Kurata N, Nonomura K.
Breed. Sci.  2013 63(3)   246-54  
Development of INDEL markers to discriminate all genome types rapidly in the genus Oryza.
[PubMed ID = 24273419
Wu J, Fujisawa M, Tian Z, Yamagata H, Kamiya K, Shibata M, Hosokawa S, Ito Y, Hamada M, Katagiri S, Kurita K, Yamamoto M, Kikuta A, Machita K, Karasawa W, Kanamori H, Namiki N, Mizuno H, Ma J, Sasaki T, Matsumoto T.
Plant J.  2009 60(5)   805-19  
Comparative analysis of complete orthologous centromeres from two subspecies of rice reveals rapid variation of centromere organization and structure.
[PubMed ID = 19702669
Tadao C. Katayama
Report on the rice collection trip to the Philippines and New Guinea (1961)
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