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Detail of Wild Core Collection

Basic information
Acc. No. W0630
Core collection rank 2
Biological information
Species O. rufipogon
Old Species Name O. perennis (?)
Genome AA
SINE code AA110000
Remarks Annual
Evaluation of bacterial blight resistance reaction
( Results List )
bacterial leaf blight T7174(Reaction) S
bacterial leaf blight T7133 (Reaction) S
DNA Marker DNA Marker data
DRA Acc. No. DRA005599
Anther length(mm) 2.32
Apiculus color Purple
Awn length(mm) 88.6
Grain weight of 20 0.42
Heading date 2001.7.23-7.25
Hull color Black-White
Panicle length 17.7
Panicle type 4
Pericarp color Red
Plant height 66.6
Presence or absence of awn Presence
Seed fertility 73.7
Shedding degree index 1
Stigma color White
Stem No. 65.2
Fiscal year 2001
Phenotype image
Original place Magwe, Burma
Acquired from K. Katsuya
Year acquired(*Year registered) * 1960/1/12
Preservation form SELFING
Seed stock volume more than 1000
Year multiplied 1 1998
Year multiplied 2 2000
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