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Basic information
Acc. No. W1421
Core collection rank -
Biological information
Species O. longistaminata
Old Species Name O. barthii
Genome AA
Remarks Perennial
IRGC101219 IRGC105577
Evaluation of bacterial blight resistance reaction
( Results List )
bacterial leaf blight T7174(Reaction)
bacterial leaf blight T7133 (Reaction)
DNA Marker -
DRA Acc. No. -
Original place between Segou and San, Mali
Acquired from H.I. Oka
Year acquired(*Year registered) * 1964/4/24
Seed stock volume 0 to 10
Year multiplied 1 1975
Year multiplied 2 1981
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Nishikawa T, Vaughan DA, Kadowaki K.
Theor Appl Genet  2005 110(4)   696-705  
Phylogenetic analysis of Oryza species, based on simple sequence repeats and their flanking nucleotide sequences from the mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes.
[PubMed ID = 15650813
H.I. Oka, W.T. Chang
Observations of wild and cultivated rice species in Africa --Report of trip from Sierra Leone to Tchad, 1963--

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