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National Inst. of Genetics
(Genetic Resource Center)

The core collection was set-up to show representative wild rice accessions in 18 species from 9 genomes covering AA, BB, CC, BBCC, CCDD, EE, FF, GG and HHJJ. These were derived from all over the world and stored as the wild rice genetic stocks in the National Institute of Genetics, Japan.The criteria for the selection is as follows, typical species specific phenotype, wide distribution in the habitat, relatively stronger than the others and availability of seeds.
Researchers are recommended to use the core collection for their studies so that useful information of the core accessions will be accumulated.
We've prepared three different core collections for the sake of users.

The core collection

The core collection Rank1 contains highly admirable 44 representative accessions from 18 species (a few from each).

The core collection Rank2 is a recommendation collection of 65 accessions from all species.

For researchers who want to use more accessions in the same species, we propose to use the collection Rank3 named as supplement collection including 173 accessions. These are wide spread accessions which have been used for studies and characterized at least in some ways.

Phenotypes of several organs and growth characterization of the core accessions are shown with photo-figures and a data table with numerical values. We are continuously collecting information related to these accessions. Also take a look at the description of wild rice species in the Basic biological data section of the Basic information page to get more information about wild rice.( Basic Biological Data )

(*) F: Form of maintenance {S:Selfing, V:Vegetatively}

Each core accession of the AA genome-type wild rice species was encoded into a (1, 0) pattern according to the "SINE Code", which represents the name of the species determined by the insertion polymorphism of the retroposon p-SINE1 at several representative loci of rice genome. In SINE Code, (1) or (0) stands for the "presence" or "absence" of insertion of p-SINE1. For detailed information on how to determine the SINE Code for each species, refer to SINE Code.

About Genome Marker

The quantity per strain for distribution is five grains of seed and/or 1μg of DNA. The DNA was extracted by CTAB method, and the concentration of DNA solution is 100ng/μgl in TE buffer in general.

Please email us if you wish to request for other form of strains: other than seed, plant body and DNA. Click here to contact us.