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List of Chromosome Substitution Lines (MER-ILs[T65])

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name chr. Volume of seed stock Reference
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MER-ILs[T65]101 chr.1 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]102 chr.1 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]103 chr.1 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]104 chr.2 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]105 chr.2 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]106 chr.2 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]107 chr.2 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]108 chr.3 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]109 chr.3 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]110 chr.3 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]112 chr.3 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]113 chr.4 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]114 chr.4 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]115 chr.4 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]116 chr.5 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]117 chr.5 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]118 chr.5 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]119 chr.5 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]120 chr.5 - Temporarily unavailable
MER-ILs[T65]121 chr.5 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]122 chr.5 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]123 chr.6 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]124 chr.6 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]125 chr.7 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]126 chr.7 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]127 chr.8 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]128 chr.9 - Not available
MER-ILs[T65]129 chr.10 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]130 chr.10 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]131 chr.11 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]132 chr.12 only a few seed
MER-ILs[T65]133 chr.12 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]134 chr.12 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]135 chr.12 - Temporarily unavailable
MER-ILs[T65]136 chr.12 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]111B chr.3 enough seed
MER-ILs[T65]111A chr.3 enough seed
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