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List of Chromosome Substitution Lines (AIS)

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name chr. Combination Remarks Reference
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AIS1 chr.1 RIA3/Aso*4
AIS2 chr.1 RIA3/Aso*4 Not available
AIS3 chr.1 RIA2/Aso*4 Not available
AIS4 chr.1 RIA42/Aso*4 Round grain
AIS5 chr.1 RIA42/Aso*4 Not available
AIS6 chr.1 RIA2/Aso*4
AIS7 chr.1 RIA44/Aso*4 Not available
AIS8 chr.1 RIA45/Aso*4 sd1
AIS9 chr.1 RIA45/Aso*4 sd1 Not available
AIS10 chr.1 RIA2/Aso*4 sd1
AIS11 chr.1 RIA12/Aso*4
AIS12 chr.2 RIA56/Aso*4
AIS13 chr.2 RIA56/Aso*4 Not available
AIS14 chr.2 RIA48/Aso*4 Not available
AIS15 chr.2 RIA48/Aso*4
AIS16 chr.2 RIA2/Aso*4
AIS17 chr.2 RIA2/Aso*4 Not available
AIS18 chr.2 RIA36/Aso*4
AIS19 chr.3 RIA84/Aso*4 Not available
AIS20 chr.3 RIA84/Aso*4
AIS21 chr.3 RIA33/Aso*4 Not available
AIS22 chr.3 RIA36/Aso*4 Long grain Not available
AIS23 chr.3 RIA36/Aso*4 Long grain
AIS24 chr.3 RIA28/Aso*4
AIS25 chr.3 RIA18/Aso*4
AIS26 chr.3 RIA38/Aso*4 Not available
AIS27 chr.4 RIA28/Aso*4 Not available
AIS28 chr.4 RIA28/Aso*4
AIS29 chr.4 RIA84/Aso*4 Not available
AIS30 chr.4 RIA84/Aso*4
AIS31 chr.4 RIA81/Aso*4
AIS32 chr.4 RIA81/Aso*4 Not available
AIS33 chr.4 RIA81/Aso*4 Not available
AIS34 chr.5 RIA81/Aso*4 "Slender grain,S24"
AIS35 chr.5 RIA81/Aso*4 "Slender grain,S24" Not available
AIS36 chr.5 RIA56/Aso*4 S24 Not available
AIS37 chr.5 RIA72/Aso*4 Not available
AIS38 chr.5 RIA72/Aso*4
AIS39 chr.5 RIA72/Aso*4 Not available
AIS40 chr.5 RIA45/Aso*4 Not available
AIS41 chr.5 RIA45/Aso*4 Not available
AIS42 chr.5 RIA72/Aso*4 Not available
AIS43 chr.6 RIA36/Aso*4
AIS44 chr.6 RIA36/Aso*4 Not available
AIS45 chr.6 RIA12/Aso*4
AIS46 chr.6 RIA33/Aso*4 Not available
AIS47 chr.6 RIA42/Aso*4 Not available
AIS48 chr.6 RIA45/Aso*4 Not available
AIS49 chr.6 RIA45/Aso*4
AIS50 chr.7 RIA42/Aso*4
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