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List of Induced Mutation Lines

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Seedling Vegetative After Heading
After transplant Vegetative   Culm
Heading date
CM51 Tiller:Lazy Tiller:Lazy,panicle:Shattering
CM136 Form of leaf:Nallow panicle:Shattering,Character of grain:Others
CM976 panicle:Shattering
TCM76 plant length:semi dwarf,Form of leaf:Lmina joint plant length:semi dwarf panicle:Shattering
TCM100 plant length:semi dwarf,Leaf color:Yellow panicle:Shattering
TCM138 Form of leaf:Rolled leaf Form of leaf:Rolled leaf panicle:Shattering
TCM996 panicle:Dense panicle,panicle:Shattering
TCM1222 plant length:Long culm plant length:Long culm,panicle:Shattering
TCM2625 panicle:Shattering
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