Strain - Induced Mutation Line

Detail: Induced Mutation Line

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Strain Name CM211
Research institution Nagoya Uni. research Kyushu Uni. research
Phenotype Seedling plant length:semi dwarf Leaf color:Pale green leaf
After transplant plant length:Dwarf -
Vegetative plant length:Dwarf plant length:Dwarf
After Heading - plant length:Dwarf
Culm Length 50.2 -
Panicle Length 16 -
Heading date (month/day) - -
Ear number - -
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Asano K, Hirano K, Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Angeles-Shim RB, Komura T, Satoh H, Kitano H, Matsuoka M, Ashikari M.
Mol. Genet. Genomics  2009 281(2)   223-31  
Isolation and characterization of dominant dwarf mutants, Slr1-d, in rice.
[PubMed ID = 19066966
Gomi K, Sasaki A, Itoh H, Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Ashikari M, Kitano H, Matsuoka M.
Plant J.  2004 37(4)   626-34  
GID2, an F-box subunit of the SCF E3 complex, specifically interacts with phosphorylated SLR1 protein and regulates the gibberellin-dependent degradation of SLR1 in rice.
[PubMed ID = 14756772