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About Induced Mutation Line

Kyushu University (Inst. of Genetic Resources)

More than 6000 mutants have been induced by the MNU (N-methyl-N-nitrosourea) treatment on the fertilized egg, the methods was originally developed by our laboratory. Genotypes of treated materials are rice cultivars "Kinmaze" and "Taichung 65". Therefore the genetic backgrounds of these mutants are of "Kinmaze" and "Taichung 65". These mutants may be used as basic research material for analysis of gene function of morphological and physiological characters and as breeding materials for improving disease resistance or grain quality as well.

By the end of 2007, all mutant strains will be ready for seed distribution and on-line access in order to view representative characters and photographic data. At present, August 2006, 3129 strains of each Kin-maze and Taichung 65 mutant groups are available for distribution.

They can be grown by following the ordinary cultivation procedure, but the mutants of "Kinmaze" group may not set seed in Northern Japan as Hokuriku, Tohoku or Hokkaido districts.

The list of mutant strains presented here contains the link to characteristic data, the request form and the MTA form for seed distribution. In order to request for seed materials, the following steps will be taken. (1) Your request for seed is to be received, (2) MTA will be processed and exchanged between Kyushu University and applicant organization, then (3) the seed will be sent to you. Mailing cost will be charged by collect on delivery (COD).

Distribution is limited to 5 seeds per strain. When mailed, it is limited to 30 strains per mailing. If more than 30 strains are required, please contact us. Number of strains given to one organization will no more than 200 a year.