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Author Sun Y., Zhang P.T., Kou D.R., Han Y.C., Fang J.C., Ni J.P., Jiang B., Wang X., Zhang Y.J., Wang W., Kong X.D.
Title Terpene Synthases in Rice Pan-Genome and Their Responses to <i>Chilo suppressalis</i> Larvae Infesting.
Terpene synthase (TPS) catalyzes the synthesis of terpenes and plays an important role in plant defense. This study identified 45 <i>OsTPS</i> genes (32 core genes and 13 variable genes) based on the high-quality rice gene-based pan-genome. This indicates limitations in <i>OsTPS</i> gene studies based on a single reference genome. In the present study, through collinearity between multiple rice genomes, one <i>OsTPS</i> gene absent in the reference (Nipponbare) genome was found and two <i>TPS</i> genes in the reference genome were found to have atypical structures, which would have been ignored in single genome analysis. <i>OsTPS</i> genes were divided into five groups and TPS-b was lost according to the phylogenetic tree. <i>OsTPSs</i> in TPS-c and TPS-g were all core genes indicating these two groups were stable during domestication. In addition, through the analysis of transcriptome data, some structural variations were found to affect the expression of <i>OsTPS</i> genes. Through the Ka/Ks calculation of <i>OsTPS</i> genes, we found that different <i>OsTPS</i> genes were under different selection pressure during domestication; for example, <i>OsTPS22</i> and <i>OsTPS29</i> experienced stronger positive selection than the other <i>OsTPS</i> genes. After <i>Chilo suppressalis</i> larvae infesting, 25 differentially expressed <i>OsTPS</i> genes were identified, which are involved in the diterpene phytoalexins precursors biosynthesis and ent-kaurene biosynthesis pathways. Overall, the present study conducted a bioinformatics analysis of <i>OsTPS</i> genes using a high-quality rice pan-genome, which provided a basis for further study of <i>OsTPS</i> genes.
Journal Front Plant Sci
Country China
Volume 13
Pages 905982
Year 2022
PubMed ID 35668795
PubMed Central ID 9164016
DOI 10.3389/fpls.2022.905982
Gene CAD CPS1 CPS2 CPS4 KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 KS6 KS7 KS8 KSL10 STPS TPS12 TPS13 TPS14 TPS17 TPS18 TPS19 TPS2 TPS20 TPS21 TPS22 TPS23 TPS24 TPS25 TPS27 TPS29 TPS3 TPS30 TPS37 TPS42 TPS43 TPS44 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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