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Author Zaidi S.H.R., Zakari S.A., Zhao Q., Khan A.R., Shah J.M., Cheng F.
Title Anthocyanin Accumulation in Black Kernel Mutant Rice and its Contribution to ROS Detoxification in Response to High Temperature at the Filling Stage.
Effect of high temperature (HT) on anthocyanin (ANS) accumulation and its relationship with reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in color rice kernel was investigated by using a black kernel mutant (9311<i>bk</i>) and its wildtype (WT). 9311<i>bk</i> showed strikingly higher ANS content in the kernel than WT. Just like the starch accumulation in rice kernels, ANS accumulation in the 9311<i>bk</i> kernel increased progressively along with kernel development, with the highest level of ANS at kernel maturity. HT exposure evidently decreased ANS accumulation in 9311<i>bk</i> kernel, but it increased ROS and MDA concentrations. The extent of HT-induced decline in kernel starch accumulation was genotype-dependent, which was much larger for WT than 9311<i>bk</i>. Under HT exposure, 9311<i>bk</i> had a relatively lower increase in ROS and MDA contents than its WT. This occurrence was just opposite to the genotype-dependent alteration in the activities of antioxidant enzymes (SOD, CAT and APX) in response to HT exposure, suggesting more efficiently ROS detoxification and relatively stronger heat tolerance for 9311<i>bk</i> than its WT. Hence, the extent of HT-induced declines in grain weight and kernel starch content was much smaller for 9311<i>bk</i> relative to its WT. HT exposure suppressed the transcripts of <i>OsCHS</i>, <i>OsF3'H</i>, <i>OsDFR</i> and <i>OsANS</i> and impaired the ANS biosynthesis in rice kernel, which was strongly responsible for HT-induced decline in the accumulation of ANS, C3G, and P3G in 9311<i>bk</i> kernels. These results could provide valuable information to cope with global warming and achieving high quality for color rice production.
Journal Antioxidants (Basel)
Country China
Volume 8(11)
Year 2019
PubMed ID 31731425
PubMed Central ID 6912731
DOI 10.3390/antiox8110510
Gene ANS CHS F3'H F3H2 PAL1 RD _
Strain Wild Core Collection -
Induced Mutation Lines(NIG Collection) -
Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
Stages in Each Organ
- Muant Lines (Gene)
Cultivated Varieties(NIG Collection) -
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