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Author Singh P., Mathew I.E., Verma A., Tyagi A.K., Agarwal P.
Title Analysis of Rice Proteins with DLN repressor Motif/S.
Transcriptional regulation includes both activation and repression of downstream genes. In plants, a well-established class of repressors are proteins with an ERF-associated amphiphilic repression/EAR domain. They contain either DLNxxP or LxLxL as the identifying hexapeptide motif. In rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i>), we have identified a total of 266 DLN repressor proteins, with the former motif and its modifications thereof comprising 227 transcription factors and 39 transcriptional regulators. Apart from DLNxxP motif conservation, DLNxP and DLNxxxP motifs with variable numbers/positions of proline and those without any proline conservation have been identified. Most of the DLN repressome proteins have a single DLN motif, with higher relative percentage in the C-terminal region. We have designed a simple yeast-based experiment wherein a DLN motif can successfully cause strong repression of downstream reporter genes, when fused to a transcriptional activator of rice or yeast. The DLN hexapeptide motif is essential for repression, and at least two "DLN" residues cause maximal repression. Comparatively, rice has more DLN repressor encoding genes than Arabidopsis, and DLNSPP motif from rice is 40% stronger than the known Arabidopsis SRDX motif. The study reports a straightforward assay to analyze repressor activity, along with the identification of a strong DLN repressor from rice.
Journal Int J Mol Sci
Country India
Volume 20(7)
Year 2019
PubMed ID 30935059
PubMed Central ID 6479872
DOI 10.3390/ijms20071600
Gene AGP30 AID1 ALT1 ARF14 ARF3 ARF7B BSRD1 BZIP39 BZIP42 BZIP71 BZIP76 C3H11 C3H13 C3H28 C3H34 C3H50 C3H65 C3H7 CBT CCA1 CCT10 CMF11 CUC1 CUC3 DDM1A DDM1B DLN101 DLN105 DLN107 DLN108 DLN109 DLN114 DLN115 DLN118 DLN122 DLN127 DLN129 DLN13 DLN135 DLN136 DLN139 DLN142 DLN143 DLN144 DLN145 DLN146 DLN147 DLN15 DLN156 DLN160 DLN162 DLN164 DLN166 DLN168 DLN169 DLN17 DLN173 DLN177 DLN178 DLN182 DLN187 DLN191 DLN193 DLN194 DLN196 DLN197 DLN198 DLN199 DLN200 DLN202 DLN204 DLN207 DLN208 DLN210 DLN212 DLN224 DLN226 DLN231 DLN232 DLN235 DLN238 DLN239 DLN24 DLN242 DLN244 DLN248 DLN249 DLN251 DLN254 DLN258 DLN26 DLN260 DLN261 DLN262 DLN29 DLN3 DLN31 DLN32 DLN34 DLN35 DLN38 DLN39 DLN4 DLN43 DLN45 DLN52 DLN54 DLN55 DLN56 DLN61 DLN62 DLN63 DLN66 DLN67 DLN70 DLN74 DLN78 DLN81 DLN83 DLN85 DLN87 DLN89 DLN9 DLN92 DLN94 DLN97 DOF18 DRAP2 DRZ1 DST DU13 E2F1 E2F2 E2F3 EAT1 EBP-89 EHD4 ERF109 ERF11 ERF119 ERF121 ERF132 ERF134 ERF3 ERF69 ERF7 ERF74 ERF76 ERF77 ERF8 ETT1 ETT2 FBOX58 GATA8 GD1 GL1A GN8.1 GRAS17 GRAS26 GRAS45 GRAS56 HIRP1 HSFA3 HUB2 IAA10 IAA16 IAA7 IDD12 IDS1 IEZ1 JMJ702 LHS1 MADS2 MADS22 MADS37 MADS4 MADS51 MADS55 MADS64 MADS88 MBD710 MFS1 MP MSL05 MSL13 MSL37 MSL40 MYB1 MYB3R2 MYB45 NAC1 NAC104 NAC124 NAC13 NAC20 NAC21 NAC26 NAC29 NAC3 NAC43 NAC45 NAC6 NAC60 NAC7 NAC72 NAC84 NAC90 NAM NH1 NH2 ONAC300 OSKAPP PINE1 RDD1 RSR1 SET33 SHAT1 SHR1 SIR2B SIZ1 SL1 SNB SPL1 SPL12 SPL15 SPL6 TIL1 WRKY117 WRKY123 WRKY26 WRKY28 WRKY6 Y37 ZFP179 ZFP245 ZFP252 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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