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Author Oshima M., Taniguchi Y., Akasaka M., Abe K., Ichikawa H., Tabei Y., Tanaka J.
Title Development of a visible marker trait based on leaf sheath-specific anthocyanin pigmentation applicable to various genotypes in rice.
To overcome a limitation to the breeding of autogamous crops, recurrent selection using transgenic male sterility (RSUTMS) has been proposed. In this system, negatively or positively selectable marker traits are required along with dominant transgenic male sterility. Anthocyanin pigmentation is an excellent marker trait. Two regulatory genes for MYB and bHLH and a structural gene for DFR are required for anthocyanin pigmentation in rice. Therefore, to apply anthocyanin pigmentation as a marker trait in various rice genotypes, coordinated expression of the three genes is required. In this study, we developed a leaf sheath-specific promoter and introduced three genes-<i>DFR</i> and <i>C1/MYB</i>, driven by the <i>35S</i> promoter, and <i>OsB2</i>/<i>bHLH</i>, driven by the leaf sheath-specific promoter-into the rice genome. leaf sheath-specific pigmentation was confirmed in all seven genotypes tested, which included <i>japonica</i> and <i>indica</i> cultivars. Analysis of genome sequence data from 25 cultivars showed that the strategy of conferring leaf sheath-specific anthocyanin pigmentation by introduction of these three genes would be effective for a wide range of genotypes and will be applicable to RSUTMS.
Journal Breed. Sci.
Country Japan
Volume 69(2)
Pages 244-254
Year 2019
PubMed ID 31481833
PubMed Central ID 6711742
DOI 10.1270/jsbbs.18151
Gene ANS CHS CYP71Y7 F3'H F3H1 F3H2 F3H3 FLA19 GLP1 PAL1 RD _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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