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Author Li C., Zou X., Zhang C., Shao Q., Liu J., Liu B., Li H., Zhao T.
Title OsLBD3-7 Overexpression Induced Adaxially Rolled Leaves in Rice.
Appropriate leaf rolling enhances erect-leaf habits and photosynthetic efficiency, which consequently improves grain yield. Here, we reported the novel lateral organ boundaries domain (LBD) gene OsLBD3-7, which is involved in the regulation of leaf rolling. OsLBD3-7 works as a transcription activator and its protein is located on the plasma membrane and in the nucleus. Overexpression of OsLBD3-7 leads to narrow and adaxially rolled leaves. Microscopy of flag leaf cross-sections indicated that overexpression of OsLBD3-7 led to a decrease in both bulliform cell size and number. Transcriptional analysis showed that key genes that had been reported to be negative regulators of bulliform cell development were up-regulated in transgenic plants. These results indicated that OsLBD3-7 might acts as an upstream regulatory gene of bulliform cell development to regulate leaf rolling, which will give more insights on the leaf rolling regulation mechanism.
Journal PLoS ONE
Country China
Volume 11(6)
Pages e0156413
Year 2016
PubMed ID 27258066
PubMed Central ID 4892467
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0156413
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