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Author Zhang X., Sun J., Cao X., Song X.
Title Epigenetic Mutation of RAV6 Affects leaf angle and Seed Size in Rice.
Heritable epigenetic variants of genes, termed epialleles, can broaden genetic and phenotypic diversity in eukaryotes. Epialleles may also provide a new source of beneficial traits for crop breeding, but very few epialleles related to agricultural traits have been identified in crops. Here, we identified Epi-RAV6, a gain-of-function epiallele of rice (Oryza sativa) RELATED TO ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE3 (ABI3)/VIVIPAROUS1 (VP1) 6 (RAV6), which encodes a B3 DNA-binding domain-containing protein. The Epi-RAV6 plants show larger lamina inclination and smaller grain size; these agronomically important phenotypes are inherited in a semidominant manner. We did not find nucleotide sequence variation of RAV6. Instead, we found hypomethylation in the promoter region of RAV6, which caused ectopic expression of RAV6 in Epi-RAV6 plants. Bisulfite analysis revealed that cytosine methylation of four CG and two CNG loci within a continuous 96-bp region plays essential roles in regulating RAV6 expression; this region contains a conserved miniature inverted repeat transposable element transposon insertion in cultivated rice genomes. Overexpression of RAV6 in the wild type phenocopied the Epi-RAV6 phenotype. The brassinosteroid (BR) receptor BR INSENSITIVE1 and BR biosynthetic genes EBISU DWARF, DWARF11, and BR-DEFICIENT DWARF1 were ectopically expressed in Epi-RAV6 plants. Also, treatment with a BR biosynthesis inhibitor restored the leaf angle defects of Epi-RAV6 plants. This indicates that RAV6 affects rice leaf angle by modulating BR homeostasis and demonstrates an essential regulatory role of epigenetic modification on a key gene controlling important agricultural traits. Thus, our work identifies a unique rice epiallele, which may represent a common phenomenon in complex crop genomes.
Journal Plant Physiol.
Country unknown
Volume 169(3)
Pages 2118-28
Year 2015
PubMed ID 26351308
PubMed Central ID 4634063
DOI 10.1104/pp.15.00836
Gene AP2/EREBP127 AP2/EREBP129 AP2/EREBP77 AP2/EREBP96 BRD1 D11 D2 D61 WRKY123 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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