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Author Shen H., Yin Y., Chen F., Xu Y., Richard A. Dixon
Title A Bioinformatic Analysis of NAC Genes for Plant Cell Wall Development in Relation to Lignocellulosic Bioenergy Production
Abstract NAM, ATAF, and CUC2 (NAC) proteins are encoded by one of the largest plant-specific transcription factor gene families. The functions of many NAC proteins relate to different aspects of lignocellulosic biomass production, and a small group of NAC transcription factors has been characterized as master regulators of plant cell wall development. In the present study, a total of 1,232 NAC protein sequences from 11 different organisms were analyzed by sequence phylogeny based on protein DNA-binding domains. We included eight whole genomes (Arabidopsis, rice, poplar, grape, sorghum, soybean, moss (Physcomitrella patens), and spike moss (Selaginella moellendorffii)) and three not yet fully sequenced genomes (maize, switchgrass, and Medicago truncatula) in our analyses. Ninety-two potential PvNAC genes from switchgrass and 148 PtNAC genes from poplar were identified. The 1,232 NAC proteins were phylogenetically classified into eight subfamilies, each of which was further divided into subgroups according to their tree topology. The phylogenetic subgroups were then grouped into different clades each sharing conserved motif patterns in the C-terminal sequences, and those that may function in plant cell wall development were further identified through motif grouping and gene expression pattern analysis using publicly available microarray data. Our results provide a bioinformatic baseline for further functional analyses of candidate NAC genes for improving cell wall and environmental tolerance traits in the bioenergy crops switchgrass and poplar.
Journal Bioenerg. Res.
Country USA
Volume 2
Pages 217–232
Year 2009
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DOI 10.1007/s12155-009-9047-9
Gene BET1 CUC1 CUC3 NAC1 NAC10 NAC100 NAC101 NAC102 NAC103 NAC104 NAC105 NAC106 NAC108 NAC110 NAC111 NAC112 NAC113 NAC114 NAC115 NAC116 NAC117 NAC118 NAC119 NAC12 NAC120 NAC121 NAC122 NAC123 NAC124 NAC125 NAC126 NAC127 NAC128 NAC129 NAC13 NAC130 NAC131 NAC133 NAC134 NAC135 NAC136 NAC137 NAC138 NAC139 NAC14 NAC140 NAC141 NAC142 NAC143 NAC144 NAC145 NAC146 NAC147 NAC148 NAC149 NAC15 NAC16 NAC17 NAC18 NAC19 NAC20 NAC21 NAC22 NAC24 NAC25 NAC26 NAC28 NAC29 NAC3 NAC30 NAC31 NAC32 NAC33 NAC34 NAC35 NAC36 NAC37 NAC38 NAC4 NAC40 NAC41 NAC42 NAC43 NAC44 NAC45 NAC46 NAC47 NAC49 NAC5 NAC50 NAC51 NAC52 NAC53 NAC55 NAC56 NAC57 NAC58 NAC59 NAC6 NAC6 NAC60 NAC61 NAC62 NAC63 NAC64 NAC65 NAC66 NAC69 NAC7 NAC70 NAC71 NAC72 NAC73 NAC75 NAC76 NAC77 NAC78 NAC79 NAC8 NAC80 NAC82 NAC83 NAC84 NAC85 NAC86 NAC87 NAC88 NAC89 NAC90 NAC91 NAC94 NAC95 NAC96 NAC97 NAC98 NAC99 NAM ONAC2 ONAC300 RIM1 TIL1 TMS5 Y37 YL3 _ _ _ _ _
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