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Author Jeong D.H., Park S., Zhai J., Gurazada S.G., De Paoli E., Meyers B.C., Green P.J.
Title Massive analysis of rice small RNAs: mechanistic implications of regulated microRNAs and variants for differential target RNA cleavage.
Small RNAs have a variety of important roles in plant development, stress responses, and other processes. They exert their influence by guiding mRNA cleavage, translational repression, and chromatin modification. To identify previously unknown rice (Oryza sativa) microRNAs (miRNAs) and those regulated by environmental stress, 62 small RNA libraries were constructed from rice plants and used for deep sequencing with Illumina technology. The libraries represent several tissues from control plants and plants subjected to different environmental stress treatments. More than 94 million genome-matched reads were obtained, resulting in more than 16 million distinct small RNA sequences. This allowed an evaluation of ~400 annotated miRNAs with current criteria and the finding that among these, ~150 had small interfering RNA-like characteristics. Seventy-six new miRNAs were found, and miRNAs regulated in response to water stress, nutrient stress, or temperature stress were identified. Among the new examples of miRNA regulation were members of the same miRNA family that were differentially regulated in different organs and had distinct sequences Some of these distinct family members result in differential target cleavage and provide new insight about how an agriculturally important rice phenotype could be regulated in the panicle. This high-resolution analysis of rice miRNAs should be relevant to plant miRNAs in general, particularly in the Poaceae.
Journal Plant Cell
Country USA
Volume 23(12)
Pages 4185-207
Year 2011
PubMed ID 22158467
PubMed Central ID 3269859
Gene DCL1 MIR1317 MIR1318 MIR1319 MIR1319B MIR1320 MIR1423 MIR1424 MIR1425 MIR1426 MIR1427 MIR1428A MIR1428B MIR1428C MIR1428D MIR1428E MIR1428G MIR1429 MIR1430 MIR1431 MIR1433 MIR1435 MIR1436 MIR1437 MIR1438 MIR1439 MIR1440 MIR1441 MIR1442 MIR156A MIR156B MIR156C MIR156D MIR156E MIR156F MIR156G MIR156I MIR156K MIR156L MIR159A MIR160A MIR160B MIR160C MIR160D MIR160E MIR160F MIR162A MIR162B MIR164A MIR164B MIR164C MIR164D MIR164E MIR164F MIR166A MIR166B MIR166C MIR166D MIR166E MIR166F MIR166G MIR166H MIR166I MIR166K MIR166L MIR166M MIR166N MIR167A MIR167B MIR167C MIR167D MIR167E MIR167F MIR167G MIR167H MIR167I MIR167J MIR168A MIR168B MIR169 MIR169B MIR169C MIR169D MIR169E MIR169F MIR169H MIR169I MIR169J MIR169K MIR169L MIR169M MIR169N MIR169O MIR169P MIR169g MIR171 MIR171B MIR171C MIR171D MIR171E MIR171F MIR171G MIR171H MIR171I MIR172A MIR172B MIR172C MIR172D MIR1846A MIR1846B MIR1846C MIR1846D MIR1846E MIR1847 MIR1848 MIR1849 MIR1850 MIR1851 MIR1852 MIR1853 MIR1854 MIR1855 MIR1856 MIR1857 MIR1858A MIR1858B MIR1859 MIR1860 MIR1861A MIR1861A2 MIR1861B MIR1861C MIR1861D MIR1861E MIR1861F MIR1861G MIR1861H MIR1861I MIR1861J MIR1861K MIR1861L MIR1861M MIR1861N MIR1862A MIR1862B MIR1862C MIR1862D MIR1862E MIR1863 MIR1863C MIR1864 MIR1865 MIR1866 MIR1867 MIR1868 MIR1869 MIR1870 MIR1871 MIR1872 MIR1873 MIR1875 MIR1876 MIR1877 MIR1878 MIR1879 MIR1880 MIR1881 MIR1882A MIR1882B MIR1882C MIR1882D MIR1882E MIR1882F MIR1882G MIR1882H MIR1883A MIR1883B MIR1884A MIR1884B MIR2055 MIR2090 MIR2091 MIR2092 MIR2093 MIR2094 MIR2095 MIR2096 MIR2097 MIR2098 MIR2099 MIR2100 MIR2101 MIR2102 MIR2103 MIR2104 MIR2105 MIR2106 MIR2118A MIR2118B MIR2118C MIR2118D MIR2118E MIR2118F MIR2118G MIR2118H MIR2118I MIR2118J MIR2118K MIR2118L MIR2118M MIR2118N MIR2118O MIR2118P MIR2118Q MIR2118R MIR2120 MIR2121A MIR2121B MIR2122 MIR2123C MIR2123a MIR2123b MIR2124A MIR2124B MIR2124C MIR2124D MIR2124E MIR2124F MIR2124G MIR2124H MIR2124I MIR2125 MIR2275A MIR2275B MIR2275D MIR2863C MIR2871B MIR2873C MIR319A MIR319B MIR390 MIR393 MIR393B MIR394 MIR395A MIR395B MIR395C MIR395D MIR395E MIR395F MIR395G MIR395H MIR395I MIR395J MIR395K MIR395L MIR395M MIR395N MIR395O MIR395P MIR395Q MIR395R MIR395S MIR395T MIR395U MIR395V MIR395W MIR396A MIR396B MIR396C MIR396D MIR396F MIR3979 MIR397A MIR397B MIR398A MIR398B MIR399A MIR399B MIR399C MIR399D MIR399E MIR399F MIR399G MIR399H MIR399I MIR399J MIR399K MIR408 MIR413 MIR414 MIR415 MIR416 MIR417 MIR418 MIR419 MIR420 MIR426 MIR435 MIR437 MIR438 MIR439A MIR439B MIR439C MIR439D MIR439E MIR439F MIR439G MIR439H MIR439J MIR440 MIR441A MIR441B MIR441C MIR442 MIR443 MIR444A MIR444B MIR444C MIR444D MIR444E MIR444F MIR445A MIR445B MIR445C MIR445D MIR445E MIR445F MIR445G MIR445I MIR446 MIR5143A MIR5143B MIR5147 MIR5150 MIR5152 MIR5159 MIR5179 MIR528 MIR529A MIR529B MIR530 MIR531 MIR531A2 MIR531B MIR5485 MIR5491 MIR5508 MIR5513 MIR5516A MIR5516B MIR5519 MIR5788 MIR5789 MIR5791 MIR5792 MIR5793 MIR5794 MIR5795 MIR5796 MIR5797 MIR5798 MIR5799 MIR5800 MIR5801 MIR5802 MIR5803 MIR5804 MIR5805 MIR5806 MIR5807 MIR5808 MIR5809 MIR5810 MIR5811 MIR5812 MIR5813 MIR5814 MIR5815 MIR5816 MIR5817 MIR5818 MIR5819 MIR5820 MIR5821 MIR5822 MIR5823 MIR5824 MIR5825 MIR5826 MIR5827 MIR5828 MIR5829 MIR5830 MIR5831 MIR5832 MIR5833 MIR5834 MIR5835 MIR5836 MIR5837 MIR806A MIR806B MIR806C MIR806D MIR806E MIR806F MIR806G MIR806H MIR807A MIR807B MIR807C MIR808 MIR809A MIR809B MIR809C MIR809D MIR809E MIR809F MIR809G MIR809H MIR810A MIR811A MIR811B MIR811C MIR812A MIR812B MIR812C MIR812D MIR812E MIR812F MIR812H MIR812I MIR812J MIR812P MIR812Q MIR812R MIR812S MIR812T MIR812U MIR812V MIR813 MIR814A MIR814B MIR814C MIR815A MIR815B MIR815C MIR816 MIR817 MIR818A MIR818B MIR818C MIR818D MIR818E MIR818F MIR819A MIR819B MIR819C MIR819D MIR819E MIR819F MIR819G MIR819H MIR819I MIR819J MIR819K MIR820A MIR820B MIR820C MIR821A MIR821B MIR821C SDT miR159B miR159C miR159D miR159E miR159F miR1874 miR535 miR827
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