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Author Pandey D.M., Kim S.R.
Title Identification and expression analysis of hypoxia stress inducible CCCH-type zinc finger protein genes in rice
Flooding is one of the threatening abiotic stresses in recent global warming. In order to understand flooding-caused low oxygen stress response at molecular level, microarray-linked isolation of the hypoxia inducible genes were conducted. Seventeen genes that were up-regulated by the factor of more than 3 fold, were confirmed as hypoxia inducible. Among them, a CCCH-type zinc finger protein gene, OsCCCH-Zn-1, was further characterized due to its novelty as a hypoxia-inducible zinc finger gene as well as its significant induction by hypoxia stress. OsCCCH-Zn-1 was also up-regulated by submergence, ABA and drought stresses. In the normal growth condition, OsCCCH-Zn-1 was expressed in the flag leaf sheath, highest internode and developing seeds. In rice, at least 12 CCCH-type zinc finger protein genes were retrieved by in silico analysis. Among these, we found that the zinc finger genes OsCCCH-Zn-1, -2, -6 were induced by hypoxia stress. c 2012 Korean Society of Plant Biologists and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
Journal Journal of Plant Biology
Volume 55
Pages 489-497
Year 2012
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DOI 10.1007/s12374-012-0384-4
Gene ARM1 C3H10 C3H24 C3H29 C3H33 C3H35 C3H37 C3H47 C3H50 C3H67 CYP94C2B DIAT DOS HAC1;2 MADS23 PL PPI-PFK PRR95 TPP1 _ _ _ _ _ _
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