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Author Sama V.S.A.K., Himabindu K., Naik S.B., Sundaram R.M., Viraktamath B.C., Bentur J.S.
Title Mapping and marker-assisted breeding of a gene allelic to the major Asian rice gall midge resistance gene Gm8
Host plant resistance is the preferred management strategy for Asian rice gall midge (Orseolia oryzae), a serious pest in many rice-growing countries. Identification of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers that are tightly linked to pest resistance genes can accelerate development of gene pyramids for durable/multiple resistance. Based on conventional and molecular allelism tests, we report herein that rice genotype Aganni possesses Gm8 gene, conferring hypersensitive independent (HR- type) resistance to gall midge biotypes GMB1, GMB2, GMB3, GMB4, and GMB4M. The gene Gm8 was mapped to chromosome 8 within a 400-kbp region, and the SSR markers RM22685 and RM22709 flank the gene closely. Using these closely linked flanking markers, nine other gall midge-resistant genotypes were identified as carrying the same gene Gm8. Through marker-assisted selection, Gm8 has been introgressed into an elite bacterial blight-resistant cultivar, Improved Samba-Mahsuri (IS). c 2012 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
Journal Euphytica
Country India
Volume 187
Pages 393-400
Year 2012
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DOI 10.1007/s10681-012-0724-y
Gene GM1 GM10 GM11 GM2 GM3 GM4 GM5 GM6 GM7 GM8 GM9 XA21
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Lethal Embryo
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