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Author Niroula R.K., Pucciariello C., Ho V.T., Novi G., Fukao T., Perata P.
Title SUB1A-dependent and -independent mechanisms are involved in the flooding tolerance of wild rice species.
Crop tolerance to flooding is an important agronomic trait. Although rice (Oryza sativa) is considered a flood-tolerant crop, only limited cultivars display tolerance to prolonged submergence, which is largely attributed to the presence of the SUB1A gene. Wild Oryza species have the potential to unveil adaptive mechanisms and shed light on the basis of submergence tolerance traits. In this study, we screened 109 Oryza genotypes belonging to different rice genome groups for flooding tolerance. Oryza nivara and Oryza rufipogon accessions, belonging to the A-genome group, together with Oryza sativa, showed a wide range of submergence responses, and the tolerance-related SUB1A-1 and the intolerance-related SUB1A-2 alleles were found in tolerant and sensitive accessions, respectively. Flooding-tolerant accessions of Oryza rhizomatis and Oryza eichingeri, belonging to the C-genome group, were also identified. Interestingly, SUB1A was absent in these species, which possess a SUB1 orthologue with high similarity to O.窶ピativa SUB1C. The expression patterns of submergence-induced genes in these rice genotypes indicated limited induction of anaerobic genes, with classical anaerobic proteins poorly induced in O.窶ビhizomatis under submergence. The results indicated that SUB1A-1 is not essential to confer submergence tolerance in the wild rice genotypes belonging to the C-genome group, which show instead a SUB1A-independent response to submergence.
Journal Plant J.
Country USA
Volume 72(2)
Pages 282-93
Year 2012
PubMed ID 22709342
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INSD FR720457 FR720458 FR720459 FR720460 FR720461 FR720463 FR720464 FR720465 FR720466 FR720467 HM117839
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