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Author Salgotra R.K., Gupta B.B., Millwood R.J., Balasubramaniam M., Stewart Jr.
Title Introgression of bacterial leaf blight resistance and aroma genes using functional marker-assisted selection in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Functional markers reduce the risk of false selection in marker-assisted selection (MAS), and recombination between the molecular marker and the gene of interest. The present study was conducted with the objective of combining the important basmati quality traits with resistance to bacterial leaf blight (BLB) by a combination of phenotypic selection and MAS. Screening of 29 recombinants for BLB resistant genes along with aroma (fgr) gene was performed using a suite of different markers. Twenty genotypes were found in homozygous condition for Xa21 and xa13 genes. Restriction digestion analysis with BsrI, gave nine resistant recombinants. Out of nine resistant recombinants, seven were in homozygous and two were in heterozygous conditions. Recombinants viz., IRS 5441-2-21, IRS 5441-2-79, IRS 5441-2-81, IRS 5441-2-85 and IRS 5441-2-91 possessed all the three BLB resistance genes and fgr in the homozygous condition. Recombinants with enhanced resistance to BLB, basmati quality and desirable agronomic traits were identified. This germplasm can be directly developed into commercial varieties or used as immediate potential donors of BLB resistance in basmati breeding programs. c 2011 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
Journal Euphytica
Country USA
Volume 187(3)
Pages 313-323
Year 2012
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DOI 10.1007/s10681-011-0599-3
Gene SK2(T)(SCL, FGR) XA13 XA21 XA5
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Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
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