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Author Shen W.J., Ruan X.L., Li X.S., Zhao Q., Li H.P.
Title RNA silencing suppressor Pns11 of rice gall dwarf virus induces virus-like symptoms in transgenic rice.
Transgenic rice (Oryza sativa) plants expressing the Pns11 protein of rice gall dwarf virus (RGDV) displayed multiple abnormal phenotypes, some of which were highly reminiscent of the symptoms observed in RGDV-infected rice. Further analysis indicated that the apparent alterations in plant growth and morphology were correlated with the expression levels of microRNA160, microRNA162, microRNA167, microRNA168, and the microRNA target OsARF8. Especially, the striking dwarfing phenotype depended on the high expression level of microRNA167. By analogy to other categories of plant viruses, the RNA silencing suppressors encoded by plant dsRNA viruses function as pathogenicity determinants. These findings significantly deepen our current mechanistic understanding of the RNA silencing suppressor (VSR) encoded by a dsRNA virus and provide additional evidence that interference with microRNA expression is a VSR function utilized by a diverse range of viruses.
Journal Arch. Virol.
Country China
Volume 157(8)
Pages 1531-9
Year 2012
PubMed ID 22592958
PubMed Central ID -
Gene ARF8 MIR162B MIR167A MIR167B MIR167C MIR167D MIR167E MIR167F MIR167G MIR167H MIR167I MIR167J MIR168A
Strain Wild Core Collection -
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Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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