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Author Jia Y., Correll J.C., Lee F.N., Eizenga G.C., Yang Y., Gealy D.R., Valent B., Zhu Q.
Title Understanding molecular interaction mechanisms of the Pi-ta rice resistance genes and the rice blast pathogen.
The elite rice cultivar Yuejingsimiao 2 (YJ2) is characterized by a high level of grain quality and yield, and resistance against Magnaporthe oryzae. YJ2 showed 100% resistance to four fungal populations collected from Guangdong, Sichuan, Liaoning, and Heilongjiang Provinces, which is a higher frequency than that shown by the well-known resistance (R) gene donor cultivars such as Sanhuangzhan 2 and 28zhan. Segregation analysis for resistance with F(2) and F(4) populations indicated the resistance of YJ2 was controlled by multiple genes that are dominant or recessive. The putative R genes of YJ2 were roughly tagged by SSR markers, located on chromosomes 2, 6, 8, and 12, in a bulked-segregant analysis using genome-wide selected SSR markers with F(4) lines that segregated into 3 resistant (R):1 susceptible (S) or 1R:3S. The recessive R gene on chromosome 8 was further mapped to an interval 竕・.9 cM/152 kb in length by linkage analysis with genomic position-ready markers in the mapping population derived from an F(4) line that segregated into 1R:3S. Given that no major R gene was mapped to this interval, the novel R gene was designated as pi55(t). Out of 26 candidate genes predicted in the region based on the reference genomic sequence of the cultivar Nipponbare, two genes that encode a leucine-rich repeat-containing protein and heavy-metal-associated domain-containing protein, respectively, were suggested as the most likely candidates for pi55(t).
Journal Phytopathology
Country USA
Volume 91 (Suppl. 6)
Pages 44-44
Year 2001
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