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Author Kim H.K., Lee S.K., Cho J.I., Lee S., An G., Jwa N.S., Kim B.R., Cho Y.C., Han S.S., Bhoo S.H., Lee Y.H., Hong Y.K., Yi G., Park D.S., Hahn T.R., Jeon J.S.
Title Characterization of rice mutants with enhanced susceptibility to rice blast.
As a first step towards identifying genes involving in the signal transduction pathways mediating rice blast resistance, we isolated 3 mutants lines that showed enhanced susceptibility to rice blast KJ105 (91-033) from a T-DNA insertion library of the japonica rice cultivar, Hwayeong. Since none of the susceptible phenotypes co-segregated with the T-DNA insertion we adapted a map-based cloning strategy to isolate the gene(s) responsible for the enhanced susceptibility of the Hwayeong mutants. A genetic mapping population was produced by crossing the resistant wild type Hwayeong with the susceptible cultivar, Nagdong. Chi-square analysis of the F2 segregating population indicated that resistance in Hwayeong was controlled by a single major gene that we tentatively named Pi-hy. Randomly selected susceptible plants in the F2 population were used to build an initial map of Pi-hy. The SSLP marker RM2265 on chromosome 2 was closely linked to resistance. High resolution mapping using 105 F2 plants revealed that the resistance gene was tightly linked, or identical, to Pib, a resistance gene with a nucleotide binding sequence and leucine-rich repeats (NB-LRR) previously isolated. Sequence analysis of the Pib locus amplified from three susceptible mutants revealed lesions within this gene, demonstrating that the Pi-hy gene is Pib. The Pib mutations in 1D-22-10-13, 1D-54-16-8, and 1C-143-16-1 were, respectively, a missense mutation in the conserved NB domain 3, a nonsense mutation in the 5th LRR, and a nonsense mutation in the C terminus following the LRRs that causes a small deletion of the C terminus. These findings provide evidence that NB domain 3 and the C terminus are required for full activity of the plant R gene. They also suggest that alterations of the resistance gene can cause major differences in pathogen specificity by affecting interactions with an avirulence factor.
Journal Mol. Cells
Country South Korea
Volume 20(3)
Pages 385-91
Year 2005
PubMed ID 16404154
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Gene PIB
Strain Wild Core Collection -
Induced Mutation Lines(NIG Collection) -
Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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- Muant Lines (Gene)
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