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Author Takahashi S., Kimura S., Kaya H., Iizuka A., Wong H.L., Shimamoto K., Kuchitsu K.
Title Reactive oxygen species production and activation mechanism of the rice NADPH oxidase OsRbohB.
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced by plant NADPH oxidases (NOXes) are important in plant innate immunity. The Oryza sativa respiratory burst oxidase homologue B (OsRbohB) gene encodes a NOX the regulatory mechanisms of which are largely unknown. Here, we used a heterologous expression system to demonstrate that OsRbohB shows ROS-producing activity. Treatment with ionomycin, a Ca(2+) ionophore, and calyculin A, a protein phosphatase inhibitor, activated ROS-producing activity; it was thus OsRbohB activated by both Ca(2+) and protein phosphorylation. Mutation analyses revealed that not only the first EF-hand motif but also the upstream amino-terminal region were necessary for Ca(2+)-dependent activation, while these regions are not required for phosphorylation-induced ROS production.
Journal J. Biochem.
Country Japan
Volume 152(1)
Pages 37-43
Year 2012
PubMed ID 22528669
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