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Author Yu,S.M., Tzou,W.S., Lo,W.S., Kuo,Y.H., Lee,H.T. and Wu,R.
Title Regulation of alpha-amylase-encoding gene expression in germinating seeds and cultured cells of rice
Four alpha-amylase-encoding cDNA (alpha Amy-C) clones were isolated from a cDNA library derived from poly(A)+RNA of gibberellic acid (GA3)-treated rice aleurone layers. Nucleotide sequence analysis indicates that the four cDNAs were derived from different alpha Amy genes. Expression of the individual alpha Amy gene in germinating seeds and cultured suspension cells of rice was studied using gene-specific probes. In germinating seeds, expression of the alpha Amy genes is positively regulated by GA3 in a temporally coordinated but quantitatively distinct manner. In cultured suspension cells, in contrast, expression of the alpha Amy genes is negatively and differentially regulated by sugars present in the medium. In addition, one strong and one weak carbohydrate-starvation-responsive alpha Amy genes have been identified. Interactions between the promoter region (HS501) of a rice alpha Amy gene and GA3-inducible DNA binding proteins in rice aleurone cells were also studied. A DNA mobility-shift assay showed that the aleurone proteins interact with two specific DNA fragments within HS501. One fragment is located between nt -131 to -170 and contains two imperfect directly repeated pyrimidine elements and a putative GA3-response element. The other fragment is located between nt -92 to -130 that contains a putative enhancer sequence. The interactions between aleurone proteins and these two fragments are sequence-specific and GA-responsive.
Journal Gene
Country China
Volume 122(2)
Pages 247-253
Year 1992
PubMed ID 1339378
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INSD M81143 M81144
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Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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