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Author Akihama T., Toshimitsu K
Title Geographical distribution of morphological variation on wild rices in central and southern India.
Journal Preliminary report Tottori University s Scientific Survey
Volume Vol. 1
Pages 48-59
Year 1972
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Gene -
Strain Wild Core Collection W1731 W1732 W1734 W1735 W1736 W1737 W1738 W1739 W1740 W1741 W1742 W1743 W1744 W1745 W1746 W1747 W1748 W1749 W1750 W1751 W1752 W1753 W1754 W1755 W1756 W1757 W1758 W1759 W1760 W1761 W1762 W1763 W1764 W1765 W1766 W1767 W1768 W1769 W1770 W1771 W1772 W1773 W1774 W1775 W1776 W1777 W1778 W1779 W1780 W1781 W1782 W1783 W1784 W1785 W1786
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