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Author H. Morishima, Y. Shimamoto, Y. Sano, Y.I. Sato
Title Observations on wild and cultivated rices in Thailand for ecological-genetic study --Report of study-tour in 1983--
Year 1983
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Strain Wild Core Collection W1846 W1847 W1848 W1849 W1850 W1851 W1852 W1853 W1854 W1855 W1856 W1857 W1858 W1859 W1860 W1861 W1862 W1863 W1864 W1865 W1866 W1867 W1868 W1869 W1870 W1871 W1872 W1873 W1874 W1875 W1876 W1877 W1878 W1879 W1880 W1881 W1882 W1883 W1884 W1885 W1886 W1887 W1888 W1889 W1890 W1891 W1892 W1893 W1894 W1895 W1896 W1897 W1898 W1899 W1900 W1901 W1902 W1903 W1904 W1905 W1906 W1907 W1908 W1909 W1910 W1911 W1912 W1913 W1914 W1915 W1916 W1917 W1918 W1919 W1920 W1921 W1922 W1923 W1924 W1925 W1926 W1927 W1928 W1929 W1930 W1931 W1932 W1933 W1934 W1939 W1940
Induced Mutation Lines(NIG Collection) -
Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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- Muant Lines (Gene)
Cultivated Varieties(NIG Collection) C9322 C9323 C9324 C9325 C9326 C9327 C9328 C9329 C9330 C9331 C9333 C9334 C9335 C9336 C9337 C9338 C9339 C9341 C9342 C9345 C9346 C9347 C9348 C9349 C9350 C9351 C9352 C9353 C9354 C9355 C9356 C9357 C9359 C9360 C9361 C9362 C9363 C9364 C9365 C9366 C9367 C9368 C9370 C9371 C9372 C9373 C9374 C9375 C9376 C9377 C9378 C9379 C9380 C9382 C9383 C9384 C9385 C9387 C9388 C9389 C9390 C9391 C9392 C9394 C9395 C9396 C9397 C9398 C9399 C9400 C9401 C9402 C9403 C9404 C9405 C9406 C9407 C9408 C9410 C9411 C9412 C9413 C9414 C9415 C9416 C9417 C9418 C9419 C9420 C9421 C9422 C9423 C9424 C9425 C9426 C9427 C9428 C9429 C9430 C9431 C9432 C9433 C9435 C9436 C9437 C9438 C9439 C9440 C9441 C9442 C9443 C9445 C9446 C9447 C9448 C9450 C9451 C9452 C9453 C9454 C9455 C9456 C9457 C9458 C9459 C9460 C9462 C9463 C9465 C9466 C9486 C9487 C9488
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