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Author H. Morishima, Y. Sano, H.I. Oka
Title Observations on wild and cultivated rices and companion weeds in the hilly areas of Nepal, India and Thailand. Report of study-tour in Tropical Asia, 1979
Year 1979
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Strain Wild Core Collection W1546 W1547 W1550 W1551 W1560 W1664 W1665 W1666 W1667 W1668 W1669 W1670 W1671 W1672 W1673 W1674 W1675 W1676 W1677 W1678 W1679 W1680 W1681 W1682 W1683 W1684 W1685 W1686 W1687 W1688 W1689 W1690 W1691 W1692 W1693 W1694 W1695 W1696 W1697 W1698 W1699 W1700 W1701
Induced Mutation Lines(NIG Collection) -
Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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- Muant Lines (Gene)
Cultivated Varieties(NIG Collection) C8996 C8997 C8998 C9001 C9002 C9003 C9004 C9005 C9006 C9007 C9009 C9010 C9012(A) C9012(B) C9013 C9014 C9016 C9017 C9018 C9019 C9020 C9021 C9022 C9023 C9026 C9027 C9032 C9033 C9034 C9035 C9036 C9038 C9040 C9042 C9043 C9044 C9046 C9047 C9048 C9049 C9050 C9051 C9052 C9053 C9054 C9055 C9056 C9072 C9074 C9076 C9077 C9078 C9079 C9080 C9081 C9084 C9085 C9086 C9087 C9088 C9089 C9090 C9091 C9092 C9093 C9094 C9095 C9096 C9097 C9098 C9099 C9100 C9101 C9102 C9103 C9104 C9105 C9108 C9109 C9110 C9111 C9112 C9113 C9116 C9117 C9118 C9119 C9120 C9121 C9122 C9123 C9124 C9126 C9127 C9129 C9130 C9131 C9132 C9133 C9134 C9136 C9137 C9142 C9145 C9146 C9148 C9149 C9150 C9151 C9154 C9156 C9157 C9158 C9160 C9167 C9169 C9174 C9175 C9177 C9185 C9186 C9188 C9191 C9194 C9195 C9198 C9199 C9200 C9202 C9203 C9204 C9205 C9206 C9207 C9208 C9209 C9210 C9211 C9212 C9213 C9214 C9215 C9216 C9217 C9218 C9219 C9220 C9221 C9222 C9224 C9225 C9226 C9227 C9229 C9230 C9231 C9232 C9233 C9234
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