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Author Rajpurohit D., Kumar R., Kumar M., Paul P., Awasthi A., Osman Basha P., Puri A., Jhang T., Singh K., Dhaliwal H.S.
Title Pyramiding of two bacterial blight resistance and a semidwarfing gene in Type 3 Basmati using marker-assisted selection
A traditional Type 3 Basmati rice cultivar grown in India is tall and lodges even under low nitrogen fertilizer dose. In addition to lodging, it is highly susceptible to several diseases and pests including bacterial blight (BB). BB resistance genes (Xa21 and xa13) and a semidwarfing gene (sd-1) were pyramided in Type 3 Basmati from a rice cultivar PR106-P2 using marker-assisted selection (MAS). Foreground selection for BB resistance genes, Xa21 and xa13 and reduced plant height gene, sd-1 was carried on the basis of linked molecular markers pTA248, RG136 and 'h', respectively. The BC2F3 progenies with both the BB resistance genes were highly resistant with lower lesion length than either of the genes individually. Background profiling of the selected 16 BC2F3 progenies was done using 95 anchored SSR and 12 ISSR markers. Among the selected 16 BC2F3 progenies, 38-5-2 and 38-5-36 closely clustered along with the recipient parent Type 3 Basmati showing above 85% genetic similarity with the same. Further selection was continued till F5 generation for higher recovery for Type 3 Basmati characteristics. The desirable alleles of intermediate amylose content (wx) and aroma (fgr) loci of Type 3 Basmati were also tracked using the linked SSR markers. The BC2F5 pyramid lines T3-4, T3-5, T3-6 and T3-7 homozygous for the three target genes Xa21, xa13 and sd-1 from the donor parent with wx and fgr alleles of Type 3 Basmati had excellent cooking quality and strong aroma. 諱ッ 2010 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
Journal Euphytica
Country India
Volume 178
Pages 111-126
Year 2011
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Gene SD1 SK2(T)(SCL, FGR) XA13 XA21
Strain Wild Core Collection -
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Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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