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Author Liu K,Wang L,Xu Y,Chen N,Ma Q,Li F,Chong K
Title Overexpression of OsCOIN, a putative cold inducible zinc finger protein, increased tolerance to chilling, salt and drought, and enhanced proline level in rice.
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) plant is sensitive to chilling, particularly at early stages of seedling development. Here a novel cold-inducible gene, designated OsCOIN (Oryza sativa cold-inducible), was isolated and characterized. Results showed that OsCOIN protein, a RING finger protein, was localized in both nuclear and cytoplasm membrane. OsCOIN is expressed in all rice organs and strongly induced by low temperature, ABA, salt and drought. Over-expression of OsCOIN in transgenic rice lines significantly enhanced their tolerance to cold, salt and drought, accompanied by an up-regulation of OsP5CS expression and an increase of cellular proline level.
Journal Planta.
Country China
Volume 226
Pages 1007-16
Year 2007
PubMed ID 17549515
PubMed Central ID -
DOI 10.1007/s00425-007-0548-5
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Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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