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Author Wang S,Zhu QH,Guo X,Gui Y,Bao J,Helliwell C,Fan L
Title Molecular evolution and selection of a gene encoding two tandem microRNAs in rice.
It has been shown that overexpression of MIR156b/c resulted in a bushy phenotype in maize and rice. Our results indicated that the MIR156b/c locus was highly conserved among cereals, but not in dicots and that genome duplication events played an important role in the evolution of the miR156 family. Genetic diversity investigation at the locus indicated that only approximately 9% of nucleotide diversity observed in wild rice (O. rufigogon) was maintained in the cultivated rice and the neutral model was rejected (P<0.05) based on Tajima's D and Fu and Li's D( *) and F( *) tests. To our knowledge, this is the first example of miRNA gene to be targeted by both natural and domestication selection in plants.
Journal FEBS Lett.
Country China
Volume 581
Pages 4789-93
Year 2007
PubMed ID 17884044
PubMed Central ID -
DOI 10.1016/j.febslet.2007.09.002
Gene MIR156B MIR156C MIR156D MIR156E MIR156F MIR156G MIR156I MIR156J MIR156K MIR156L SDT
INSD EU004243 EU004244 EU004245 EU004246 EU004247 EU004248 EU004249 EU004250 EU004251 EU004252 EU004253 EU004254 EU004255 EU004256 EU004257 EU004258 EU004259 EU004260 EU004261 EU004262 EU004263 EU004264 EU004265 EU004266 EU004267 EU004268 EU004269 EU004270 EU004271 EU004272 EU004273 EU004274 EU004275 EU004233 EU004234 EU004235 EU004236 EU004237 EU004238 EU004239 EU004240 EU004241 EU004242
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