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Author Jia,Y., Wang,Z., Fjellstrom,R.G., Moldenhauer,K.A., Azam,M.A., Correll,J., Lee,F.N., Xia,Y. and Rutger,J.N.
Title Rice Pi-ta gene Confers Resistance to the Major Pathotypes of the Rice Blast Fungus in the United States
ABSTRACT The Pi-ta gene in rice prevents the infection by Magnaporthe grisea strains containing the AVR-Pita avirulence gene. The presence of Pi-ta in rice cultivars was correlated completely with resistance to two major pathotypes, IB-49 and IC-17, common in the U.S. blast pathogen population. The inheritance of resistance to IC-17 was investigated further using a marker for the resistant Pi-ta allele in an F(2) population of 1,345 progeny from a cross of cv. Katy with experimental line RU9101001 possessing and lacking, respectively, the Pi-ta resistance gene. Resistance to IC-17 was conferred by a single dominant gene and Pi-ta was not detected in susceptible individuals. A second F(2) population of 377 individuals from a reciprocal cross between Katy and RU9101001 was used to verify the conclusion that resistance to IC-17 was conferred by a single dominant gene. In this cross, individuals resistant to IC-17 also were resistant to IB-49. The presence of Pi-ta and resistance to IB-49 also was correlated with additional crosses between 'Kaybonnet' and 'M-204', which also possess and lack Pi-ta, respectively. A pair of primers that specifically amplified a susceptible pi-ta allele was developed to verify the absence of Pi-ta. We suggest that Pi-ta is responsible for resistance to IB-49 and IC-17 and that both races contain AVR-Pita genes.
Journal Phytopathology
Volume 94(3)
Pages 296-301
Year 2004
PubMed ID 18943978
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INSD AY196754
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Lethal Embryo
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