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Author Yu,Y., Tang,T., Qian,Q., Wang,Y., Yan,M., Zeng,D., Han,B., Wu,C.I., Shi,S. and Li,J.
Title Independent Losses of Function in a Polyphenol Oxidase in Rice: Differentiation in Grain Discoloration between Subspecies and the Role of Positive Selection under Domestication
Asian rice (Oryza sativa) cultivars originated from wild rice and can be divided into two subspecies by several criteria, one of which is the phenol reaction (PHR) phenotype. Grains of indica cultivars turn brown in a phenol solution that accelerates a similar process that occurs during prolonged storage. By contrast, the grains of japonica do not discolor. This distinction may reflect the divergent domestication of these two subspecies. The PHR is controlled by a single gene, Phr1; here, we report the cloning of Phr1, which encodes a polyphenol oxidase. The Phr1 gene is indeed responsible for the PHR phenotype, as transformation with a functional Phr1 can complement a PHR negative cultivar. Phr1 is defective in all japonica lines but functional in nearly all indica and wild strains. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the defects in Phr1 arose independently three times. The multiple recent origins and rapid spread of phr1 in japonica suggest the action of positive selection, which is further supported by several population genetic tests. This case may hence represent an example of artificial selection driving the differentiation among domesticated varieties.
Journal Plant Cell
Country China
Volume 20(11)
Pages 2946-2959
Year 2008
PubMed ID 19033526
PubMed Central ID -
DOI 10.1105/tpc.108.060426
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INSD DQ532375 DQ532376 DQ532377 DQ532378 DQ532379 DQ532380 DQ532381 DQ532382 DQ532383 DQ532384 DQ532385 DQ532386 DQ532387 DQ532388 DQ532389 DQ532390 DQ532391 DQ532392 DQ532393 DQ532394 DQ532395 DQ532396 DQ532397 DQ532398 DQ532399 DQ532400 DQ532401 DQ532402 DQ532403 DQ532404 DQ532405 DQ532406 DQ532407 DQ532408 DQ532409 DQ532410 DQ532411 DQ532412 DQ532413 DQ532414 DQ532415 DQ532416 DQ532417 DQ532418 DQ532419 DQ532420 DQ532421 DQ532422 DQ532423 DQ532424 DQ532425 DQ532426 DQ532427 DQ532428 DQ532429 DQ532430 DQ532431 DQ532432
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