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Author Wu,J., Mizuno,H., Sasaki,T. and Matsumoto,T.
Title Comparative Analysis of Rice Genome Sequence to Understand the Molecular Basis of Genome Evolution
Accurate sequencing of the rice genome has ignited a passion for elucidating mechanism for sequence diversity among rice varieties and species, both in proteincoding regions and in genomic regions that are important for chromosome functions. Here, we have shown examples of sequence diversity in genic and non-genic regions. Sequence analysis of chromosome ends has revealed that there is diversity in both sequences and distribution in the region of telomere repeat arrays, from chromosome to chromosome, within a plant. Detailed study has allowed us to speculate the mechanism of generation of these arrays. Sequence analysis using various cultivated and wild rice of the sd1 gene, which contributed to the "Green Revolution" in rice varieties and their wild progenitors, has also demonstrated sequence diversity, which is correlated with taxonomic classification. These results indicate that detailed analysis of sequence diversity and comparison might give us a clue in elucidating mechanism of the evolution of rice genome.
Journal Rice 1, 119-126 REMARK Publication_Status: Available-Online
Country Japan
Year 2008
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Gene ADH1 SD1
INSD AB469049 AB469050 AB469051 AB469052 AB469053 AB469054 AB469055 AB469057 AB469058 AB469059 AB469060 AB469061 AB469062 AB469063 AB469064 AB469065 AB469066 AB469067 AB469068 AB469069 AB469070 AB469071 AB469072 AB469073 AB469075 AB469076 AB469077 AB469078 AB469079 AB469080 AB469081 AB469082 AB469048
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