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Author Sakurai J,Ahamed A,Murai M,Maeshima M,Uemura M
Title Tissue and cell-specific localization of rice aquaporins and their water transport activities.
Water transport in plants is greatly dependent on the expression and activity of water transport channels, called aquaporins. Here, we have clarified the tissue- and cell-specific localization of aquaporins in rice plants by immunoblotting and immunocytochemistry using seven isoform-specific aquaporin antibodies. We also examined water transport activities of typical aquaporin family members using a yeast expression system in combination with a stopped-flow spectrophotometry assay. OsPIP1 members, OsPIP2;1, OsTIP1;1 and OsTIP2;2 were expressed in both leaf blades and roots, while OsPIP2;3, OsPIP2;5 and OsTIP2;1 were expressed only in roots. In roots, large amounts of aquaporins accumulated in the region adjacent to the root tip (around 1.5-4 mm from the root tip). In this region, cell-specific localization of the various aquaporin members was observed. OsPIP1 members and OsTIP2;2 accumulated predominantly in the endodermis and the central cylinder, respectively. OsTIP1;1 showed specific localization in the rhizodermis and exodermis. OsPIP2;1, OsPIP2;3 and OsPIP2;5 accumulated in all root cells, but they showed higher levels of accumulation in endodermis than other cells. In the region at 35 mm from the root tip, where aerenchyma develops, aquaporins accumulated at low levels. In leaf blades, OsPIP1 members and OsPIP2;1 were localized mainly in mesophyll cells. OsPIP2;1, OsPIP2;3, OsPIP2;5 and OsTIP2;2 expressed in yeast showed high water transport activities. These results suggest that rice aquaporins with various water transport activities may play distinct roles in facilitating water flux and maintaining the water potential in different tissues and cells.
Journal Plant Cell Physiol.
Country Japan
Volume 49
Pages 30-9
Year 2008
PubMed ID 18037610
PubMed Central ID -
DOI 10.1093/pcp/pcm162
Gene PIP2;3 PIP2;5 PIP2A TIP1;1 TIP2;1 TIP2;2
Strain Wild Core Collection -
Induced Mutation Lines(NIG Collection) -
Sterile Seed Strain -
Lethal Embryo
Mutantion Strain
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