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Author Ding,J., Araki,H., Wang,Q., Zhang,P., Yang,S., Chen,J.Q. and Tian,D.
Title Highly asymmetric rice genomes
The genomic symmetry was disrupted by 10% of asymmetric genes, which could cause genetic variation through more unequal crossing over, because these genes had no allelic counterparts to pair and then they were free to pair with homologues at non-allelic loci, during meiosis in heterozygotes. It might be a consequence of diversifying selection that increased the structural divergence among genomes, and of purifying selection that decreased nucleotide divergence in each R gene locus.
Journal BMC Genomics
Volume 8(1)
Pages 154
Year 2007
PubMed ID 17555605
PubMed Central ID -
DOI 10.1186/1471-2164-8-154
Gene ASA1 IDH PI37 PI64 PISH PITA TPI _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
INSD EF533764 EF533765 EF533766 EF533767 EF533768 EF533769 EF533770 EF533771 EF533772 EF533773 EF533774 EF533775 EF533776 EF533777 EF533778 EF533779 EF533780 EF533781 EF533782 EF533783 EF533784 EF533785 EF533786 EF533787 EF533788 EF533789 EF533790 EF533791 EF533792 EF533793 EF533794 EF533795 EF533796 EF533797 EF533798 EF533799 EF533800 EF533801 EF533802 EF533803 EF533804 EF533805 EF533806 EF533807 EF533808 EF533809 EF533810 EF533811 EF533812 EF533813 EF533814 EF533815 EF533816 EF533817 EF533818 EF533819 EF533820 EF533821 EF533822 EF533823 EF533824 EF533825 EF533826 EF533827 EF533828 EF533829 EF533830 EF533831 EF533832 EF533833 EF533834 EF533835 EF533836 EF533837 EF533838 EF533839 EF533840 EF533841 EF533842 EF533843 EF533844 EF533845 EF533846 EF533847 EF533848 EF533849 EF533850 EF533851 EF533852 EF533853 EF533854 EF533855 EF533856 EF533857 EF533858 EF533859 EF533860 EF533861 EF533862 EF533863 EF533864 EF533865 EF533866 EF533867 EF533868 EF533869 EF533870 EF533871 EF533726 EF533727 EF533728 EF533729 EF533730 EF533731 EF533732 EF533733 EF533734 EF533735 EF533736 EF533737 EF533738 EF533739 EF533740 EF533741 EF533742 EF533743 EF533744 EF533745 EF533746 EF533747 EF533748 EF533749 EF533750 EF533751 EF533752 EF533753 EF533754 EF533755 EF533756 EF533757 EF533758 EF533759 EF533760 EF533761 EF533762 EF533763
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