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Author Ohba,H., Steward,N., Kawasaki,S., Berberich,T., Ikeda,Y., Koizumi,N., Kusano,T. and Sano,H.
Title Diverse response of rice and maize genes encoding homologs of WPK4, an SNF1-related protein kinase from wheat, to light, nutrients, low temperature and cytokinins.
The wheat gene WPK4 encodes a 56-kDa protein kinase that belongs to group 3 of the SNF1-related protein kinase family (SnRK3), and is up-regulated by light and cytokinins and down-regulated by sucrose. In order to determine whether or not this particular regulation pattern is general among plant species, we isolated and characterized homologous genes from rice and maize. Two rice genes, OsPK4 and OsPK7, encode proteins comprising 508 and 520 amino acids, and show, respectively, 75% and 76% sequence similarity to WPK4. OsPK4 and OsPK7 proteins produced in Escherichia coli were able to phosphorylate themselves and myelin basic proteins, the reaction requiring magnesium and/or manganese ions. Transcripts of OsPK4 were detected in all tissues tested, and amounts were increased upon illumination, nutrient deprivation and treatment with cytokinins. In contrast, transcripts of OsPK7 were not found in any tissues except in mature leaves at low levels, and did not accumulate under any of the stress conditions examined. A maize gene, ZmPK4, encodes a protein with 518 amino acids that shows 74% similarity to WPK4. Its transcripts were constitutively expressed in all tissues, regardless of light, nutrient and cytokinin status, but were increased upon exposure to low temperature. These results indicate that, despite the sequence similarity between their products, genes for SnRK3 proteins are differentially regulated in response to environmental stimuli.
Journal Mol. Gen. Genet.
Country Japan
Volume 263(2)
Pages 359-366
Year 2000
PubMed ID 10778756
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INSD AB011968 AB011967
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