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Strain - Wild Core Collection

Users can not request more than 20 strains provided by the National Institute of Genetics (Genetic Resource Center)within the year. Please contact us if you wish to request more than (Contact: hfuruumi [at] nig.ac.jp).
Preservation Form [ S: Selfing, V: Vegetatively ]
Seed Stock Volume [ +++: Over 1000, ++: 100-1000, +: Not more than 100, -: 0-10 ]
Users except Japan can not request any "plant body" resources.
The quantity per strain for distribution is five grains of seed and/or 1μg of DNA. The DNA was extracted by CTAB method, and the concentration of DNA solution is 100ng/μgl in TE buffer in general.
Please contact us if you wish to request for other form of strains: other than seed, plant body and DNA.
Here is the procedure of strain distribution.

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Acc. No. SpeciesGenomeSINE codeCountry of originPreservation
Seed stock
SeedPlant BodyDNA
W1564 O. punctata (4X) BBCC NigeriaS,V+++