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Notice to the use of NIG Rice Collection

  1. When published the outcome using the material obtained from NIG Rice Collection, please send a copy of the reprint of your paper to us, or please inform the particulars of your paper (title, author(s), journal,volume, number, pages, etc.) by e-mail to us ( Or you can also enter it from the following web site ( ). Any information returned to us may be included in the Oryzabase ( and others. This information is valuable to appeal for the importance (of the genetic resource) of wild rice species collection, and to achieve a permanent project for conservation of wild rice genetic resource. (We believe you to accept this meaning.) Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Rice Genetic Resource Conservation Project is supported by The Plant Genetics Laboratory, Genetic Strains Research Center, the National Institute of Genetics and The National Bioresource Project (NBRP), MEXT, JAPAN. On publication, please acknowledge the followings:

      "The wild rice accessions used in this study were distributed from the National Institute of Genetics supported by the National Bioresource Project, MEXT, Japan."

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