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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol PI1
Gene Symbol Synonym OsIPS2, IPS2, OsPI1
Gene Name Synonym Oryza sativa Phosphate-limitation Inducible Gene 1, induced by phosphate starvation 2, phosphate starvation 2
Protein Name
Chromosome No. 1
Explanation BI796836. C19881. AU162218. TPSI1/Mt4 family gene. A phosphorus starvation induced gene OsIPS2. TO:0020102: phosphate content. TO:0020098: nitrate sensitivity.
Trait Class Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK240849
RAP ID Os01g0838350
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Hu B., Jiang Z., Wang W., Qiu Y., Zhang Z., Liu Y., Li A., Gao X., Liu L., Qian Y., Huang X., Yu F., Kang S., Wang Y., Xie J., Cao S., Zhang L., Wang Y., Xie Q., Kopriva S., Chu C.
Nat Plants 2019  5(4)  401-413
Nitrate-NRT1.1B-SPX4 cascade integrates nitrogen and phosphorus signalling networks in plants.
Zhu C.Q., Zhu X.F., Wang C., Dong X.Y., Shen R.F.
Planta 2018  248(1)  185-196
Nitrate inhibits the remobilization of cell wall phosphorus under phosphorus-starvation conditions in rice (Oryza sativa).
Ruan W., Guo M., Wu P., Yi K.
Plant Mol. Biol. 2016   
Phosphate starvation induced OsPHR4 mediates Pi-signaling and homeostasis in rice.
Li S., Wang C., Zhou L., Shou H.
J. Plant Res. 2014  127(3)  433-40
Oxygen deficit alleviates phosphate overaccumulation toxicity in OsPHR2 overexpression plants.
Wang S., Zhang S., Sun C., Xu Y., Chen Y., Yu C., Qian Q., Jiang D.A., Qi Y.
New Phytol. 2014  201(1)  91-103
Auxin response factor (OsARF12), a novel regulator for phosphate homeostasis in rice (Oryza sativa).
Wang C,Ying S,Huang H,Li K,Wu P,Shou H
Plant J. 2009  57  895-904
Involvement of OsSPX1 in phosphate homeostasis in rice.
L. HOU X., WU P., C. JIAO F., J. JIA Q., M. CHEN H., YU J., W. SONG X., K. YI K.
Plant, Cell and Environment 2005  28  353-364
Regulation of the expression of OsIPS1 and OsIPS2 in rice via systemic and local Pi signalling and hormones
Wasaki J., Yonetani R., Shinano T., Kai M., Osaki M.
New Phytologist 2003  158  239-248
Expression of the OsPI1 gene, cloned from rice roots using cDNA microarray, rapidly responds to phosphorus status
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology response to nitrate( GO:0010167 )
response to starvation( GO:0042594 )
Trait Ontology phosphorus sensitivity( TO:0000102 )
Plant Ontology -
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