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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol S15
Gene Symbol Synonym S15(S10), S10
Gene Name Synonym Hybrid sterility15, Hybrid sterility 15, Hybrid sterility-15
Protein Name
Allele S15-n, S15-du, S15-i
Chromosome No. 12
Explanation Semi-sterility expressed as an allelic interaction such as S15i/S15du. Segregation distortion in B1F1 due to the abortion of female gametes having S15i. PO:0009046; flower.
Trait Class Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Hybrid sterility
cDNA Accession No. -
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Locate(cM) 51.0
Link map Classical linkage map
Nori Kurata, Kazumaru Miyoshi, Ken-Ichi Nonomura, Yukiko Yamazaki and Yukihiro Ito
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I. New gene symbols registered.
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Breeding Science 1994  44(Suppl. 1)  216
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0060822
Gene Ontology multicellular organismal development( GO:0007275 )
Trait Ontology f1-hybrid incompatibility( TO:0000042 )
female sterility( TO:0000358 )
Plant Ontology flower( PO:0009046 )
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